Equal Rights Center Releases Video on New HUD Guidance on Assistance Animals

Washington – April 28, 2020 – Today, in celebration of Fair Housing Month 2020, the Equal Rights Center (ERC) released a new video to help explain new guidance about assistance animals from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released in January. This video, approximately five minutes long, is designed to assist housing providers in understanding their fair housing obligations and how to assess a person’s request to have an animal as a reasonable accommodation under the Fair Housing Act.

The ERC is committed to providing up-to-date educational information for housing providers in order to help them understand their obligations under the Fair Housing Act. The organization saw the need to release new resources about the new HUD guidance in January, and has since released this new video along with a blog and one-page flow chart to help clearly explain the information provided by HUD.

These resources are a great addition to the e-learning tools the ERC already provides, and can be used as an additional resource to the e-learning course released last year focusing on DC Fair Housing Laws. The ERC offers this course online for $55 per person.

“Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to commemorate Fair Housing Month this year through more typical means, like trainings and symposia. Instead, we acted quickly to provide up to date guidance through an engaging animated video that anyone can watch from the safety of their own home,” said ERC Executive Director Kate Scott. “Fair housing principles are critical even in the midst of the current crisis. This video, along with the resources available on the Equal Rights Learning Center, highlight how housing providers can continue to stay up to date on their obligation to ensure that everyone, regardless of protected class, receives equal treatment in housing.”



Sian Leach
External Affairs Manager, Equal Rights Center
(202) 370-3206


ABOUT THE EQUAL RIGHTS CENTER: The ERC is a civil rights organization that identifies and seeks to eliminate unlawful and unfair discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations in its home community of Greater Washington DC and nationwide. The ERC’s core strategy for identifying unlawful and unfair discrimination is civil rights testing. When the ERC identifies discrimination, it seeks to eliminate it through the use of testing data to educate the public and business community, support policy advocacy, conduct compliance testing and training, and, if necessary, take enforcement action. For more information, please visit equalrightscenter.org.

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