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Disability Justice and Civil Rights: The Fight Isn’t Over After Acheson v. Laufer (The Good Men Project, February 2024)
Local Property Manager Allowed Race, Sex-Based Discrimination, OAG Alleges in Lawsuit (Washington Informer, February 2024)
Lawsuit accuses DC property management company of discriminating against potential tenants (WTOP, February 2024)
DC Apts. Accused Of Discriminating Against Black Applicants (Law360, February 2024)
Civil Rights Group Sues D.C. Landlord For Allegedly Discriminating Against Voucher Holders (DCist, February 2024)
AG suit: D.C. apartment management didn’t protect Black women from harasser (Washington Post, January 2024)
2024 hopes and predictions, continued (Street Sense Media, January 2024)


National property-management firm settles D.C. discrimination lawsuit (Washington Post, December 2023)
How builders can help lead the way on affordable housing for LGBTQ+ elders (Smart Cities Drive, October 2023)
Va. Property Manager Accused Of Bias Against Voucher Users (Law360, September 2023)
Which U.S. Laws Require Accessibility in Housing—And How Well Do They Do? (Shelterforce, June 2023)
LGBTQ+ seniors have faced a lifetime of discrimination; a Boynton assisted living home wants to help (Palm Beach Post, June 2023)
D.C. Housing Authority To Open Waiting List, Adopt New Governing Procedures (DCist, April 2023)
DC ‘Co-Living’ Landlord Accused of Age Bias (Law360, April 2023)
Rights panel’s denials of bias claims not appealable, Md. high court says (Maryland Daily Record, April 2023)
Rental housing discrimination and you (Washington Blade, March 2023)
DC is expanding human rights protections, but it’s hard for the most vulnerable to report violations (Street Sense Media, March 2023)
Housing for older queers is lagging. New York just stepped up (LGBTQ Nation, January 2023)


U.S. renters fall foul of algorithms in search for a home (Context, November 2022)
Denials of public-accommodations claims must be appealable, groups say (Maryland Daily Record, November 2022)
Boston’s first LGBTQ+ friendly senior housing project was vandalized with hate speech (CNN, July 2022)
After Two Failed Attempts, D.C. Council Passes Law To Make Homelessness A Protected Class (DCist, July 2022)
Homebuyers and renters of color face unfair housing practices in Fairfax County, per report (WUSA9, June 2022)
Report: White homebuyers in Fairfax County treated more favorably than minority homebuyers (InsideNoVa, June 2022)
Black Home Buyers Treated Less Favorably By Lenders In Fairfax: Report (Patch, June 2022)
New Report: Chipotle Disproportionately Denies Management Opportunities to Qualified Black Applicants (Black Enterprise, May 2022)
Chipotle Blasts Report That Says It Passes Over Black Managerial Applicants (Restaurant Business, May 2022)
People Are Using Job Listings to Sabotage Companies that Mistreat Their Workers (VICE, May 2022)
Secret Operation Tests Whether Chipotle’s Hiring May Be Racist (Daily Beast, May 2022)
Cleveland Park Apartment Building Sued For Alleged Housing Discrimination (DCist, April 2022)
Loopholes Hobble Hochul’s Proposal on Conviction-Based Housing Discrimination, Critics Charge (New York Focus, March 2022)
Where Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Lands on Tech Policy (Politico, March 2022)
Has Virginia done enough to end housing discrimination? (Virginia Mercury, January 2022)


The Pros and Cons of Pocket Listings: Should You Sell Your Home in Secret? (Money, August, 2021)
Outdoor dining reopened restaurants for all – but added to barriers for disabled (Washington Post, July 2021)
“Housing discrimination is alive and well”: Watchdog group sues 36 realtors and landlords in New York (Vox, May 2021)
Finding LGBTQ+ Friendly Retirement Options (Investopedia, May 2021)
Iowa is making it harder to be a low-income renter (Vox, May 2021)
Challenging discrimination when purchasing a home (Washington Post, March 2021)
Court Denies Uber’s Motion to Dismiss ADA Discrimination Complaint (Law Street Media, March 2021)
Uber must face lawsuit over ‘woefully inadequate’ wheelchair service (Reuters Legal, March 2021)
New Jersey Passes Landmark Bill Protecting LGBTQ+, HIV+ Seniors (Plus Magazine, March 2021)
Murphy signs bill protecting LGBTQ, HIV-positive seniors in long-term care facilities (, March 2021)
Do temp agencies discriminate against Black job applicants? (Chicago Tribune, February 2021)
Biden administration extends housing protections to LGBTQ people (NBC News, February 2021)
Virginia-Based Developer Accused of Blockbusting in Ward 3 (Washington City Paper, February 2021)
NJ bill aims at eliminating caretaker discrimination against LGBTQ seniors (, January 2021)
As transgender troop ban gets reversed, LGBTQ community hopeful for Biden’s years to come (USA Today, January 2021)


Affordable Housing for LGBTQ Seniors (Shelterforce, December 2020)
Transphobia is the Industry Standard (The Good Men Project, August 2020)
True Colors, Others Counter Trump’s Attack on Homeless Trans People (Advocate, July 2020)
A Discriminatory Housing Rule Would Allow Shelters to Turn Away Transgender People (Refinery29, July 2020)
New Trump Administration Rule Would Kick Transgender People Out of Shelters (Big Easy Magazine, July 2020)
HUD appears to defy Bostock ruling with anti-trans rule for homeless shelters (Washington Blade, July 2020)
HUD Rule would Dismantle Protections for Homeless Transgender People (New York Times, July 2020)
Two proposed bills to mitigate housing discrimination may only duplicate existing protections (Street Sense Media, March 2020)
Public hearing raises questions about civil rights enforcement (Street Sense Media, March 2020)
It’s Time for D.C. to Protect LGBTQ Seniors (Washington Blade, February 2020)
Michelle Rydz continues Martin Luther King Jr.’s advocacy for fair housing at High Plains Fair Housing Center (Grand Forks Herald, January 2020)


Stonewall House, New York City’s First Ever LGBT-Welcoming Senior Housing, Opens Its Doors (Daily Beast, December 2019)
This DC pilot aims to increase the number of wheelchair-accessible taxis in circulation (Greater Greater Washington, December 2019)
Brooklyn’s LGBTQ Senior Housing Set to Open (Gay City News, November 2019)
Bill to prevent LGBTQ housing discrimination stalls in Senate (WSYR-TV, November 2019)
Affordable Housing Community Focused on LGBTQ+ Seniors Breaks Ground in Florida (Affordable Housing Finance, November 2019)
‘I don’t have to hide’: LGBTQ seniors find comfort in affirming housing facilities (NBC News, October 2019)
Desmond Meade Made History but Housing Was Still Out of Reach (Marguerite Casey Foundation, October 2019)
The Biggest LGBT Center In The World Just Got Bigger — And Better (Huffington Post, June 2019)
Uber sued over wheelchair accessibility in Pittsburgh (Smart Cities Dive, June 2019)
KKK: What do those letters mean to you? (WUSA9, June 2019)
The Nation’s Largest LGBTQ-Inclusive Affordable Housing For Older Adults (Forbes, June 2019)
U.S. Rep. Ayanna Pressley and colleagues slam HUD Secretary Ben Carson over proposed change to federal housing rule (Mass Live, June 2019)
A Connecticut Avenue apartment complex shows effects of a legal loophole and cracks in city housing subsidy programs (The DC Line, May 2019)
The Trump Administration Wants to Make It Harder For Transgender People to Access Homeless Shelters (The Intercept, May 2019)
Trump admin’s proposal could place homeless trans women in men’s shelters (NBC News, May 2019)
Accessibility: Much More Than Mobility Feature (Ward’s Auto, May 2019)
Finding Home: Ex-Offenders Still Face Challenges Finding Housing Despite Change In HUD Policy (WFAE, May 2019)
Equal Rights Center Online Course Educates Landlords on Fair Housing (WPGC, May 2019)
D.C. nonprofit offers online fair housing course designed to prevent discrimination by landlords (Curbed DC, May 2019)
Biased Landlords Ignore Disability Rights, Uphold Segregation, Activists Say (, April 2019)
Hiring test points to subtlety of LGBTQ bias in Virginia (The Virginian-Pilot, March 2019)
Civil Rights Testing Reveals Bias Against LGBTQ Job Applicants in Virginia (Outwire 757, March 2019)
Disabled residents in the D.C. region face obstacles when searching for housing, report says (Washington Post, March 2019)
New study reveals housing accessibility barriers when finding a place to live (WJLA, March 2019)
Courts splitting over Fair Housing protection (Keen News Service, March 2019)
Investigation reveals significant levels of hiring discrimination against gay and lesbian Virginians (Metro Weekly, March 2019)
New study exposes possible discrimination against LGBT Virginians in hiring (WJLA, March 2019)
“We Want To Live, Not Hide”: Inside New York City’s First LGBT Elder Housing Project (The Daily Beast, March 2019)
Retirement Housing Options for LGBT Seniors (Kiplinger, January 2019)


British Cafe Provides a Lifeline to LGBT+ Dementia Sufferers (Reuters, December 2018)
Why is it Legal for Landlords to Refuse Section 8 Renters? (CityLab, December 2018)
D.C. Superior Court Ruling Fights Back Against Housing Discrimination (Street Sense, November 2018)
A mapping project shows how racial discrimination in housing persists in DC (Greater Greater Washington, November 2018)
Big Landlord’s Policy on Ex-Offenders is Discriminatory, Lawsuit Says (Crain’s Chicago, October 2018)
Advocates to DC Landlords: Stop Telling Section 8 Voucher Holders ‘No’ (WUSA9, September 2018)
DC Woman Takes on Landlords Who Discriminated Against Her (WUSA9, September 2018)
Illinois Woman Claims She Was Assaulted Inside Retirement Home For Being Gay (Huffington Post, August 2018)
Religious Exemption Laws Put LGBT Elders at Risk (Windy City Times, August 2018)
A Retirement Community Turned Away These Married Women (New York Times, August 2018)
Discrimination Lawsuit Sparks Awareness Campaign Around Senior Living LGBT Issues (McKnight’s Senior Living, July 2018)
Uber Fails to Serve People With Disabilities, DC Advocate Says (NBC Washington, June 2018)
Banks Find Loopholes to Deny Blacks and Latinos Home Loans at Twice the Rate of Whites (Greater Greater Washington, May 2018)
Kohl’s Wants ADA Lawsuit Dismissed (Legal NewsLine, May 2018)
AARP Survey Shows LGBT Seniors Have Harder Time Finding Room for Them in Assisted Living (iAdvance Senior Care, April 2018)
Housing Discrimination Rife In D.C. Region 50 Years After Fair Housing Became Law (WAMU, April 2018)
There’s an App For That (Multi Housing Pro, April 2018)
Despite Legal Protections, Black Families Face Housing Discrimination (Governing, March 2018)
Accessibility Suit vs Kohl’s Can Proceed; Judge: Moveable Displays Can Be ‘Architectural Barriers’ (Cook County Record, February 2018)
Senior Housing Needs To Increase Its Diversity Competency (Forbes, February 2018)
New Mobile App Helps Design for the Growing Aging Population (Multifamily Executive, January 2018)


America’s Largest Private Landlord Faces Civil Rights Lawsuit (Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting, December 2017)
D.C. Construction and Property Management Firm Settles Housing Discrimination Suit (Washington Business Journal, December 2017)
Equal Rights Center Launches Criminal Records–Screening Course Online (Multifamily Executive, December 2017)
Uber Me to My Airbnb? For Wheelchair Users, Not So Fast (New York Times, November 2017)
As LGBT Baby Boomers Retire, They Are Finding Few Senior Housing Options Dedicated to Them (Bisnow, October 2017)
WA Hospitals Aren’t Fulfilling Legal Duty to Offer Charity Care to Needy Patients, New Study Shows (The Stranger, August 2017)
Washington Hospitals often hang up on Spanish speakers seeking charity, survey finds (The Olympian, August 2017)
Uber sued over lack of wheelchair-accessible cars in D.C. (CNN Tech, June 2017)
PE HUB Second Opinion (PE Hub, June 2017)
Group Sues Uber Over Lack of Wheelchair Access (NBC News, June 2017)
Equal Rights Center Sues Uber For Denying Equal Access To People Who Use Wheelchairs (Slashdot, June 2017)
D.C. Rights Group Sues Uber Over Lack Of Wheelchair Access (WAMU, June 2017)
Groups sue Uber for excluding wheelchair users from its basic door-to-door service (Washington Post, June 2017)
Lawsuit claims Uber discriminates against people with disabilities (Engadget, June 2017)
Uber hit with lawsuit for not providing wheelchair-accessible cars (The Verge, June 2017)
A civil rights organization is suing Uber for not having wheelchair-accessible cars (Mashable, June 2017)
Equal Rights Center sues Uber for denying equal access to people who use wheelchairs (TechCrunch, June 2017)
Uber sued over lack of wheelchair-accessible cars in D.C. (WBAP, June 2017)
Equal Rights Center sues Uber for denying equal access to people in wheelchairs (New York Daily News, June 2017)
Uber faces a lawsuit for failing to provide wheelchair-accessible cars. (NeoWin, June 2017)
Uber Was Just Sued Over Lack of Wheelchair-Accessible Cars (Fortune, June 2017)
Group Says Apartments Discriminated Against Those Receiving Homeless Subsidies (Courthouse News Service, June 2017)
Nonprofit Sues Sanford Capital for Housing Discrimination (Washington City Paper, June 2017)
Housing Provider Accused of Racial Discrimination and Discrimination Base on Source of Income (StreetSense, May 2017)
Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against the Lenkin Co. (BisNow, April 2017)
DC Property Managers Accused of Racial Bias (Courthouse News, April 2017)
Nonprofit Sues D.C. Landlord for Housing Discrimination Against Voucher Tenants (Washington City Paper, April 2017)
Civil Rights Group Accuses Lenkin Co. of Housing Discrimination (Washington Business Journal, April 2017)
Racial Discrimination Can Yield Differential Treatment among Potential Renters With Criminal Records (How Housing Matters, March 2017)
A Nonprofit Is Planning D.C.’s First LGBTQ Senior Living Facility (Washington City Paper, March 2017)


Report Details Prejudice in Housing (The Hoya, October 2016)
One White, One Black, And Both Ex-Cons: Guess Which Was Denied Housing? (Atlanta Black Star, October 2016)
Remy Ma Sheds Light on Forgotten Incarcerated Black Women (Blavity, October 2016)
Study Finds Racial Discrimination in D.C. Housing Market (Washington Examiner, October 2016)
D.C. Landlords Favor White Female Tenants With Criminal Records Over Blacks, Report Finds (The Washington Times, October 2016)
Black Women With Criminal Records Have A Harder Time Than Their White Peers Finding Housing In D.C. (Huffington Post, October 2016)
Black Women With Criminal Records Face Pervasive Housing Discrimination in D.C. (Washington City Paper, October 2016)
Report: Black Women With Criminal Records Face Higher Rates of Housing Discrimination In D.C. (DCist, October 2016)
Federal Law Protects Transgender People at Homeless Shelters (PrideSource, October 2016)
Affordable LGBT-Elder Housing Answers Growing Need (NextAvenue, October 2016)
Urban Outfitters Latest Retail Outlet to Refuse Trans Customer Access To Fitting Room (ThinkProgress, September 2016)
What Happens When LGBT People Are Priced Out Of The Neighborhood? (Advocate, September 2016)
Anti-LGBT Bias In Retirement Homes: ‘It Was Like They Had Bubonic Plague’ (The Guardian, September 2016)
Home Sweet Home for LGBT Seniors (CityLab, June 2016)
Trans Discrimination Not Limited to Bathrooms (LGBTQ Nation, May 2016)
Work Place Discrimination and the Queer Black Woman (Madame Noire, February 2016)


Federal Fund to Fight Discrimination in the Housing Sector (Univision, October 2015)
Why LGBTQ Seniors Need a Housing Strategy of Their Own (CityLab, February 2015)
A New Housing Focus: the LGBT Elderly (New York City Lens, February 2015)
SAGE announces holistic approach to housing initiative (Windy City Times, February 2015)
ExxonMobil Investigation Turns Up Evidence of Antigay Bias (Advocate, February 2015)


Kohl’s hit with class-action lawsuit (Disability Rights Galaxy, November 2014)
Will ExxonMobil Finally Protect LGBT Employees? (Advocate, October 2014)
Suit: Kohl’s stores in Chicago, suburbs not wheelchair-accessible (Chicago Sun-Times, October 2014)
The Retirement Crisis Facing Gays And Lesbians (Forbes, October 2014)
Research Shows You Still Have to Hide Your Sexuality if You Want That Job (, July 2014)
Fake Job Applications Prove There’s Real LGBT Discrimination in Hiring (Take Part, July 2014)
Study: LGBT Info on Resume Means Fewer Responses (The Advocate, July 2014)
Study: Job applicants less likely to get interview if they list LGBT activism on résumé (Raw Story, July 2014)
Study: LGBT applicants have worse job prospects with federal contractors (Vox, July 2014)
Study finds signs of LGBT discrimination among federal contractors (MetroWeekly, July 2014)
LGBT Applicants Less Likely To Be Called Back For Interviews With Federal Contractors, Study Shows (Huffington Post, July 2014)
For LGBT seniors, affordable housing is scarce and often unwelcoming  (LA Times, April 2014)
LGBT Seniors in California Lack Affordable Housing Options (New American Media, April 2014)
Rainbow-Hued Housing for Gays in Golden Years (New York Times, March 2014)
Housing round-up: LGBT tenants, a singing protest, and a very sad mural (San Francisco Bay Guardian, March 2014)
Report Investigates Barriers to Senior Housing for Gays and Lesbians (Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity, March 2014)
High Levels of Same-Sex Discrimination in Senior Living Searches (Senior Housing Services, March 2014)
LGBT People: Our Longing for Home, Our Right to Housing (Huffington Post, February 2014)
Equal Rights Center Documents Discrimination against Older Same-Sex Couples (10,000 Couples, February 2014)
Equal Rights Center Documents Discrimination against Older Same-Sex Couples (Erie Gay News, February 2014)
New report shows Pa. LGB seniors face housing discrimination (Pittsburgh City Paper, February 2014)
Same-sex couples encounter more barriers when seeking senior housing, study finds (Washington Post, February 2014)
Sound Advice: The WLC Fair Housing Project (UDC TV, January 2014)



Report: Women Face Obstacles in Federal Work Force (ABC News, December 2013)
Report: Women face obstacles in federal work force (Washington Post, December 2013)
Md. Housing Advocates Hopeful for Badly Needed Anti-Bias Legislation (The Afro American, December 2013)
MHN Interview: Victoria Lanteigne of the Equal Rights Center (Multi-Housing News, November 2013)
Obstaculos para consegui vivienda (CNN en Español, August 2013)
New Report Uncovers Housing Discrimination Against the Latino Community (Huffington Post, August 2013)
Latino Homebuyers Face Hostility, Higher Fees, And Fewer Options (Think Progress, July 2013)
Latinos suffer housing discrimination in 3 southern cities (Fox News Latino, July 2013)
Latinos Suffer Housing Discrimination in 3 Southern Cities (Latin American Herald Tribune, July 2013)
Hispanics face housing discrimination in Birmingham (Birmingham Business Journal, July 2013)
REPORT: Latinos Face Discrimination When Seeking Housing in Certain Southern Cities (Hispanically Speaking News, July 2013)
High Discrimination Rates Towards Latino Homebuyers and Renters Found in 3 Major Cities (, July 2013)
WTTG Fox 5 interviews ERC executive director (WTTG Fox 5, June 2013)
Study: Virginia’s Latino renters treated differently from whites (Washington Post, May 2013)
Exxon Mobil faces lawsuit over alleged anti-gay bias (Washington Blade, May 2013)
Letter, 5/21: University Housing or Jail? (Lincoln Journal Star, May 2013)
Study: Latinos receive different treatment when renting (Loudoun Times-Mirror, May 2013)
DC Cabbies Pass People with Disabilities (WUSA9, May 2013)
Virginia Latinos Are Discriminated Against When Renting Apartments, Study Says (Fox News Latino, May 2013)
Study: Latinos receive different treatment when renting (Fairfax Times, May 2013)
Don’t close the door on the public housing waiting list (Washington Post, April 2013)
Developers Join Civil Rights Program to Improve Housing Accessibility (Multifamily Executive, March 2013)


A blind eye toward guide dog discrimination? (Washington Post, November 2012)
Management Insider Update (Units Magazine, September 2012)
Louisiana Schools Accused of Latino Discrimination, Complaint Says (Fox News Latino, 8/23/12)
Jefferson Parish Public Schools accused of discriminating against Latinos (WWLTV, 8/22/12)
Collaborative Compliance (UNITS Magazine, June 2012)
Lawyers’ Committee Honors D.C. Attorneys at Awards Luncheon (Legal Times, 6/19/12)
Let’s Really Set the Record Straight on Gay Marriage (Letter to the Editor, Donald Kahl, Portland Daily Sun, 5/30/2012)
When Lawyers File Suit for Accessible Workplaces (Letter to the Editor, Donald Kahl, New York Times, 4/23/12)
Parsing Frederick County’s English-only law (Letter to the Editor, Melissa Rothstein, Washington Post, 3/1/12)
Housing Advocates Make An Example of Anti-Voucher Landlord (Washington City Paper, 1/12/12)


Equal Rights Center Uncovers Accessibility Violations by Medical Care Providers (Vision Aware, 10/18/11)
D.C. metro system poses problems for disabled (Voice of Russia, Radio interview, 8/25/11)
The Equal Rights Center wants your Metro discrimination complaints (, 8/17/11)
What Metro’s problems cost those with disabilities (Letter to the Editor, Kat Taylor, Washington Post, 8/14/11)
The real story on D.C.’s accessibility standards (Letter to the Editor, John Baker, Washington Post, 7/23/11)
D.C. needs to enforce housing discrimination law, report says (Washington Post, 7/15/11)
A Transformative Journey with Cultural Leadership (St. Louis Jewish Light, 7/13/11)
Fox 5 Investigates; Destination Discrimination (Fox 5 News, 7/6/11)
Bias and benefits for housing voucher recipients (Letter to the Editor, Don Kahl, Washington Post, 6/29/11)
ERC Board Members Honored for Civil Rights Work (Legal Times, 6/16/11)
Do D.C taxi drivers ignore African-Americans and the blind? (, 6/21/11)
ERC Board Members Honored for Civil Rights Work (Legal Times, 6/16/11)
Vouchers & Discrimination (Street sense 6/8/11)
D.C. landlords discriminating against holders of housing vouchers, study says (Washington Examiner, 5/5/11)
D.C. landlords shun housing vouchers (Washington Post, 4/29/11)
City’s Landlords Get a Little More Tolerant (Washington City Paper, 4/28/11)
D.C. Settles Suit Over D.C. Lottery Accessibility (Legal Times, 3/23/11)
ERC profile in Muscular Dystrophy Association’s newsletter 


Lawsuit alleges unfair housing in Frederick: Nonprofit group says Fieldpointe Apartments discriminated against Latinos (Maryland Gazette, 10/28/10)
Letter to the Editor: Donald L. Kahl: A law that protects people, not pets (Washington Post, 9/10/10)
Report Documents 60% Taxi Discrimination Against Riders with Disabilities (Justice for All, 9/4/10)
D.C. Cab Drivers Aren’t Fond of Blind People with Guide Dogs, Study Shows (Washington City Paper, 9/1/10)
Off-Duty: D.C. cabbies discriminate against the blind, study finds (, 9/1/10)
In study, half of D.C. cab drivers pass by blind people with guide dogs (Washington Post, 9/1/10)
Equal rights group addresses immigrants at local church (Frederick News Post, 8/27/10)
DC lottery discrimination trial set for November (Associate Press, 8/2/10)
Group responds to report alleging housing discrimination; Panel vows to educate Latino community (Frederick News Post 6/30/10)
Will the Buffett-Gates Push Help Smaller Groups?  (The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 6/18/10)
Report alleges bias in housing (Maryland Gazette, 6/10/10)
Civil rights leaders lament housing issues for Latinos (Frederick News Post, 6/11/10)
New Fair Housing Report Questions Current Standards (Multifamily Executive, 6/10/10)
Equal Rights Center Staff Speaks Out for Immigrant Rights (The Real News, 5/2/10)
Street Sense: ERC Promotes Equal Housing Rights (Street Sense, 2/2/10)
Advocates of disabled sue Abercrombie and Fitch chain (The Columbus Dispatch, 1/15/10)


New Initiative Examines Accessibility of Health Care System (JFA Activist, 12/9/09
Do D.C. Taxicab Drivers Discriminate? (My FOX D.C, 11/24/09)
Violence victims should be fairly treated after bill (New Richmond News, 11/16/09)
AvalonBay Communities settles ADA suit (Maryland Daily Record, 11/5/09)
ERC’s Sharon Moore Testifies in Support of “Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Equality Amendment Act of 2009” (11/3/09) – Scroll forward to 03:03:40 to hear her three minute testimony.
AvalonBay Communities settles ADA suit (The Daily Record, 11/5/09)
What Happens If Someone Complains You’re a Racist Landlord? (The Washington City Paper,8/28/09)
Kelley Drye’s Pro Bono Litigation Yields Significant Civil Rights Decision (The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, 6/30/09)
The stark facts about violence against women (, 3/18/09)
Rights groups allege renter discrimination (The Gazette, 2/26/09)
Rights Groups Allege Rental Discrimination (The Washington Post, 2/25/09)
D.C. groups claim bias against rent vouchers (WTOP Radio, 2/25/09)
Groups claims bias against rent vouchers  (WBFF Fox 45, 2/25/09)


Equal Rights Center, Trammell Crow Settle Accessibility Lawsuit (National Multi Housing Council)
Trammell Crow Residential, Equal Rights Center Implement New Program for FHA, ADA Compliance (The Hollywood Reporter, 12/17/08)
Trammell Crow Residential, Equal Rights Center Agree to Start New Program (Multifamily Executive Magazine, 11/20/08)
Nonprofit: Landlords unfair to Section 8-voucher renters (Gazette, 10/29/08)
Abuse Victims Face Bias, Study Says (The Washington Post, 5/8/08)
Domestic abuse increases chance of trouble finding homes, study says (D.C. Examiner, 4/23/08)
Domestic Violence Study (D.C. City Councilmember Jim Graham remarks, 4/22/08)
New plaintiff in suit against Hilton (Dolan Media Company, 4/16/08)


Potbelly chain’s ADA deal will lower counter heights (BNET, 12/03/07)
Potbelly Sandwich Works Agrees to modify all restaurants to enhance accessibility to people with disabilities (MarketWatch, 11/21/07)
Potbelly restaurants will be handicapped accessible (ABC 7 News, 11/21/07)
Suit against Manassas alleges discrimination (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/17/07)
Metro, Equal Rights Center reach settlement in class action lawsuit (Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority, 6/28/07)


Manassas Is Accused of Violating Student Confidentiality (The Washington Post, 11/05/06)
Denuncian a la ciudad de Manassas por violar ley de privacidad de escolares latinos(Washington Hispanic, 11/03/06)
Six file federal complaint (Manassas Journal Messenger, 11/03/06)
Manassas Irate That Inquiry Is Escalated (The Washington Post, 10/12/06)
D.C. to Make Meters More Accessible (The Washington Post, 7/27/06)
Parking Relief For People With Disabilities (WUSA*9, 7/27/06)
HUD to Probe Manassas Anti-Crowding Effort (The Washington Post , 05/26/06)
Scare tactics vs. facts on predatory lending bill (The Montgomery County Gazette, 3/17/06)
A Broad Range of Groups Oppose Mortgage Lenders’ Attempt to Overturn an Anti-Discrimination Law in Montgomery County (Center for Responsible Lending, 3/14/06)
Valid Anywhere But Next Door (The Washington Post, 3/7/06)
Web site Message Upsets Some (Potomac News, 3/9/06)
Anti-Crowding Law Repealed (The Washington Post, 1/12/06)
Ordinance Enforcement Suspended (Potomac News, 1/6/06)
Va. City Suspends “Family: Rule (The Washington Post, 1/5/06)
Manassas Ordinance Raises Cries of Bigotry (The Washington Post, 1/1/06)
Activists Prepare to Challenge Va. Zoning Ordinance (WTOP, 1/1/06)


Landmark Settlement for Patients with Disabilities Among First of Its Kind under ADA(, 12/12/05)
More Apartment Landlords Are Likely to Face Disability-Access Suits (The Wall Street Journal Online, 11/16/05)
DOJ Announces Two Settlements Over Disabled Access to Health Facilities (Health Law Reporter, 11/10/05)
Washington Hospital Center Settles Lawsuit, Agrees to Changes (Washington Business Journal, 11/3/05)
Suit Wins Changes for Disabled at Hospital (The Washington Post, 11/3/05)
Washington Hospital Center Settles Lawsuit (ABC 7 News, 11/2/05)
Rights Group Sues AvalonBay (The Journal News, 9/24/05)
Alexandria Builder Sued Over Access by Disabled (The Washington Post, 9/23/05)
Bias Against Vouchers Alleged (The Washington Post, 9/9/05)
Builder Violated Disability Rights, Suit Says (The Washington Post, 9/16/05)
Group Sues Builder Under Fair Housing Act (Associated Press, 9/16/05)
Maryland Developer Sued for Inaccessible Buildings (ABC 7 News, 9/16/05)
Developer to Modify Units to Aid Disabled (The Washington Post, 6/9/05)
Developer to Fix Flaws Hampering Disabled (The Baltimore Sun, 6/9/05)
Housing Firm to Improve Access (Denver Post, 6/9/05)
Colorado Real Estate Trust Settles Civil Rights Suit (The Boston Globe, 6/9/05)
Archstone-Smith Settles Civil Rights Suit (Rocky Mountain News, 6/9/05)
Historic Settlement In Nationwide Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Developer Archstone-Smith Trust (American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) Press Release, 6/8/05)
Building Defects to be Fixed for Disabled (Associated Press, 6/8/05)
Archstone-Smith Settles Suit for $20M (Denver Business Journal, 6/8/05)
D.C. Landlords Sued Over Rent Vouchers: Poor are Rejected, Rights Group Says (The Washington Post, 4/12/05)
Landlords Accused of Rejecting Vouchers (ABC 7 News, 4/11/05)
Landlords Accused of Rejecting Vouchers: Test Calls Sought District Housing (The Washington Post, 4/11/05)
Language Discrimination Hinders Access to Health Care for Latinos (The New Standard, 2/9/05)
Experiment Faults D.C.’s Welfare Guidance: Human Services Agency More Often Failed Spanish Speakers, Rights Group Says (The Washington Post, 1/31/05)


Disability Advocacy Groups Sue Denver-Based REIT Over Apartment Access (RIS Media, 12/23/04)

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