By Susan McClannahan, Fair Housing Intake and Grant Coordinator

Do you know what to do if you are discriminated against in your search for housing? Or do you work or volunteer at an organization where you’ve seen many of the individuals you serve encounter housing discrimination, but you weren’t sure how you could advocate for them?

The Equal Rights Center offers free presentations to community groups and organizations in the Greater Washington, DC area. We can come to your group and give an introduction to fair housing laws or a more tailored presentation to meet your group’s needs.

Some examples of presentations that the ERC can offer—

  • An Introduction to Fair Housing: A 20 minute to hour-long presentation that covers the federal Fair Housing Act and local fair housing laws, protected classes, and examples of housing discrimination and how to respond.
  • Fair Housing Rights for People with Disabilities: A 45 minute to hour-long presentation on fair housing rights for people with disabilities, including the right to reasonable accommodations and modification and the definition of assistance animals under the Fair Housing Act.
  • Assistance and Service Animals: An hour-long presentation that covers the American with Disabilities Act and Fair Housing Act definitions of service and assistance animals, the rights and responsibilities for people with disabilities who have such animals, and the rights and responsibilities of housing providers and businesses in regards to such animals.
  • Fair Housing Rights for Survivors of Domestic Violence: A 3-hour presentation that covers the federal Fair Housing Act and local fair housing laws, local fair housing trends, and the implementation of the 2013 VAWA reauthorization in housing.
  • Have another topic in mind that would be useful for your group or organization? Let us know! We’d be happy to develop a presentation tailored to your questions.

If you would like to schedule a presentation, please contact Susie McClannahan, Fair Housing Intake and Grant Coordinator, by email at or by phone at 202-370-3229. We look forward to hearing from you!

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