The Equal Rights Center has released a new publication that addresses frequently asked questions (“FAQs”) about the fair housing rights of voucher holders in Washington, D.C. The publication is designed to help voucher holders identify potential illegal discrimination during their housing searches. It is also available in Spanish.

September, 2022 Update: The FAQ sheet has been edited to reflect legislative changes that have occurred since the resource was first published. The updated version is available in English and Spanish.

It is illegal in Washington, D.C., for a landlord to discriminate against someone based on their source of income. This means that a landlord can’t refuse to rent to someone based on their use of a housing voucher to pay rent. Examples of potential acts of discrimination include advertisements stating vouchers aren’t accepted, and charging a higher rent or security deposit to voucher holders.

If you believe you may have experienced housing discrimination based on source of income or another protected class, you can contact the Equal Rights Center. To report your experience, please call 202-234-3062 or email

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